LAMOST started its pilot survey on 2011-10-24 officially. The survey status and more information can be found on this web. If you are interested to learn the details about the LEGUE part of the pilot survey, and would like to propose any additional targets (through "add-on" program) that have great scientific potential and are not included in the plan, please go ahead contacting us. The survey footprint and all input catalogs are all available to registered users at this web.



Date: 2012.04.25

Weather: fine; Lunar phase: 05.

More details to see log file ... 



ProbID Date SkyID C_RA C_DEC


2012.04.25 B5604306 246.351 37.3941


2012.04.25 B5604307 266.671 5.7743



Observed footprints (cyan: last night; black: before last night)

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fuga mobilya